Our Values & Goals

@Amesblvd exists to LOVE GOD and GLORIFY HIM by LOVING OTHERS. At Ames Blvd. Baptist Church, we are committed to fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives and helping you fulfill yours.

If you are in Marrero or the greater New Orleans metropolitan area and looking for a church home, we invite you to consider us.

Our Values

By our “values,” we mean the things that we hold dear. In everything we do, in everything we aspire to be, we want to glorify God, to keep Christ central in all things, and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. We value:

  • BIBLICAL TRUTH. We cherish the faithful teaching of God’s Word and doctrinal truth.
  • LOVING RELATIONSHIPS. We are committed to fellowship with one another and to evangelism and discipleship in our community.
  • CHARACTERISTIC EXCELLENCE. In everything we do, we want to do all things to the best of our ability for the glory of God.

Our Ministry Goals

God has given six broad tasks for the church: outreach, discipleship, worship, ministry, fellowship, and administration. We have developed ministry goals for each of these six areas.


  • To equip believers in our sphere of influence to share their faith effectively
  • To create a positive and welcoming presence in the community.
  • To be a mission-oriented people


  • To foster an environment that encourages and equips new believers in their faith
  • To challenge all believers to grow continually.
  • To develop new leaders and strengthen current leaders
  • To encourage innovation in ministry


  • To highlight and glorify Jesus Christ
  • To emphasize God’s word by teaching it accurately and clearly.
  • To rely in everything on the power of God’s Spirit
  • To involve everyone

Compassion in Action

  • To meet the emotional, material, physical, and relational needs of those within our sphere of influence
  • To broaden our sphere of influence
  • To equip believers to recognize and meet needs


  • To build relationships and friendships
  • To know as many people as possible
  • To make every person feel loved
  • To plan fellowship activities


  • To be good stewards of all God has entrusted to us both corporately and individually.
  • To prioritize kingdom-building ministries by valuing people over things.
  • To be proactive by planning ahead.
  • To utilize ministry teams in effective and efficient ways.