What is Growth Track?

Growth-Track is a course we've designed to be a milestone in the life of each of our members. During this 4-week course, you will learn who our church is, what we stand for, and how YOU can fit into our story @Amesblvd!

Q. I've been a member for years, will this be worth my time?

Whether you're new to our community here or a long-time member, we've designed the material to be beneficial to you at any level. 

In Growth-Track, we'll talk about the vision and direction of Ames as we endeavor to bit a light in our community and beyond. We will talk about the values and beliefs that Ames affirms. We'll encourage you to take a spiritual gifts inventory to help you recognize some key areas God has uniquely enabled to you do Kingdom work. And we'll share how God can use you here @Amesblvd to make an impact for the Kingdom of God!

Q. When is the next Growth-Track course?

The next course will begin on April 3rd on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:30am and will continue for 3 more weeks following. If you cannot make it during this cycle, we will be continuing to offer in future months.


You're at the right place! There are two ways to sign up to be a part of Growth Track: 1. Click on the button below labeled "Register for Growth Track". And 2. Sign up for Growth Track using the sign-up flyer located at the church office in the Worship Center.

How much do the Materials cost?

We're offering the Participants Guide free in digital form. You can obtain this document by visiting our Resources page. However, if you want to receive the Participants Guide in physical form, we are charging a small fee of $5 to cover the cost of printing and paper.

We do want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of this course, so please talk to Chase or one of our staff if this is a concern.